Tips for Bringing Pets for Travel

By | Juni 21, 2022
Tips for Bringing Pets for Travel

Taking a pet with you when traveling is a pleasure for the owner. In order to be invited everywhere, not a few pet owners bring him into the cabin of the car.

Before actually bringing a pet into the car, there are several things to consider so that your trip is safe and comfortable. Here are the short tips on How to Calm Down a Cat In The Car.

Before leaving

Well before leaving, pets should be vaccinated to protect against New diseases. Like Lyme disease in dogs. Find and have an emergency veterinarian number ready 24 hours during the trip.
Bring a recent photo of your pet. Include a phone number that can be dialed and then connect it to the pet. This is to facilitate the search if the pet is lost.

Generally, pets that are often brought into the car are dogs or cats. The treatment given to the two animals is different. So make sure you really make both of them feel comfortable in the cabin. Here are some things to watch out for:

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Traveling with the dog

Not all dogs can be taken for a walk, so it is worth doing some exercises before a long trip. Take care of your dog while riding for his or her own safety. Use safety such as straps, pet carrier or cargo barrier.

In addition, it can use special straps to fasten on the back seat. Never let your pet sit in the front seat as it increases the risk of being seriously injured if the car is involved in an accident.

If the dog you want to bring is large, then it should be placed in the trunk area. Never leave a dog alone in the car, as the heat in the cabin of a parked car can increase in a short time.

If the dog looks restless or barks constantly, you should give a toy, chew toy, or treats so that the dog is busy. Usually a dog will be calmer and can be more relaxed if it has a busy life

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Traveling with cats

Just like traveling with a dog, use a pet carrier or cargo barrier in a car. Animals that are allowed to roam can be injured during an accident or present a risk of accident for other passengers.

Make your cat recognize your car by letting it do a cheek rub on the car and spreading its scent. There is nothing wrong with putting a bed, blanket or towel belonging to a pet cat in the car.

Consider bringing a portable litter box, an easy-to-fold feeding and drinking area, and medicines for your cat. To avoid dehydration, especially when traveling in summer, prepare a bowl of ice that the cat can lick. This is to keep it from overheating. This can be a more presentable option during the trip.