The Benefits of Reading Books Everyday

By | Juli 26, 2021
benefits of reading books

Happy World Book Day! That said, books are windows to the world. Through a book, you can get new stories and insights.

However, reading books is not just a matter of adding insight. More than that, reading books every day provides benefits for maintaining brain function. The benefits are even claimed to last a lifetime.

So, when was the last time you read a book? If you have left it too long, then you lose a number of benefits that are provided from the habit of reading books.

According to Blog Solahart Handal, here are the benefits of reading books every day.

Strengthens the brain

It’s no secret, reading books can help strengthen the brain. This has been proven in a number of studies.

Researchers say that reading a book involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. As your book-reading skills grow, the networks will become stronger on their own.
Improve the ability to empathize

A number of studies have found that people who like to read literary fiction have a high ability to empathize and understand other people’s feelings.

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Researchers say empathy is an important skill for a person to build and maintain social relationships.

Increase language skills

Books are always filled with thousands of vocabularies that spill over there. The presence of thousands of vocabularies makes the habit of reading books gradually able to develop one’s language skills.

It is important to note, the ability to speak is one of the important factors in life. A poll found that 69 percent of companies would hire employees with good language skills. Reading books is the best way to improve your language skills.

Prevent cognitive decline

Several studies have studied the relationship between the habit of reading books and cognitive decline in the elderly. As a result, cognitive function in the elderly who diligently read books tends to increase.

Although it is believed to improve cognitive function, but there is no evidence that believes that reading books can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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Reduce stress

Read a book to reduce the stress you feel. A group of researchers have observed the effects of yoga, humor, and reading books on a person’s stress level. The result, 30 minutes of reading a book can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of depression. This benefit is as effective as yoga or listening to a funny story.

Improve sleep quality

A number of doctors recommend making reading a book a routine before bed on a regular basis. This method makes sleep better.

For best results, choose physical book readings instead of digital books. The light that the device emits can keep you awake.

Relieve symptoms of depression

People with depression often feel isolated and isolated from others. That feeling is very difficult to overcome.

Reading fiction can allow you to temporarily escape the world and immerse yourself in the imaginary experiences of the characters. This in itself can help relieve symptoms of depression.